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Change Team: 
by posted 09/10/2019

Salutations, Dawg Pound - 

Thank you for letting your Browns participate in the Flag Jamboree this past weekend.  The Browns Coaching staff hopes your Brown enjoyed themselves and had a fun time scrimmaging the other flag teams.  The 3/4 Flag division is actually a fairly competive group of kids.  That said, we want to prioritize having fun, and while this may be unpopular to say these days...  Winning is more fun that losing, so the Browns are going to win as many games as possible!

All that said, below please find the Browns schedule of events for this week (note the longer practice time moving forward):




TIME: 6p- 7:30p

LOCATION: Lower Middlebrook




PRACTICE TIME: 230p - 3p

GAME TIME: 3p - 4p

LOCATION: Upper Middlebrook


Please reach out to a member of the Browns coaching staff if your Brown will not be able to attend any of this weeks scheduled team activities.


Go Dawgs!



The Browns Coaching Staff

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This Week In Flag Football...
by posted 09/03/2019

Greetings, Dawg Pound - 


This week marks the start of the Browns Flag Football Season.  As such, the Coaching Staff wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the activities for the week...




Middlebrook Lower Field

6p - 7p




2p - Warm Up and Practice

2:40p - Jamboree Game 1 - BROWNS v broncos

3:00p - Jamboree Game 2 - BROWNS v seahawks

3:30p - Jamboree Game 3 - BROWNS v panthers


As the Jamboree schedule lays out now, our Browns will not have any breaks between scrimmages. Please make sure your Brown has had a snack and brings ample water to the game.  


Please let the coaching staff know if you have any conflicts that prevent your Brown from playing in the Jamboree.  


Looking forward to a great week of flag football!!!


All the best - 

The Browns Coaching Staff

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by posted 08/16/2019

Greetings, Dawg Pound - 


Football season is upon us...  The Browns coaching staff would like to conduct our first preseason practice next Thursday 8/22.  


Summer Practice Details:

Date: Thursday 8/22

Time: 6pm - 7:30pm

Location: Upper Middlebrook Field


This practice will be added to the Wilton Youth Football website.  Please note, Thursday will not be the new practice times moving forward, the Browns fall practices will remain on Wednesdays.


Thursday practice is not mandatory.  The Browns coaching staff would like to take this practice time to meet all of our Browns, get all of our players their official Browns jersey, fit our player's flag belts, and start drilling some football fundamentals.  The Coaching staff plans to keep this practice fun and quick-paced.  We will have multiple drills for offense and defense for all of our Browns to participate in.


Looking forward to seeing you and your Brown next Thursday.


Go, Dawgs.


Your Browns Coaching Staff.

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Fall Practice
by posted 08/08/2019

Hello, Dawg Pound - 


Thank you all fopr your valuable feedback on the fall practice schedule.  We here at the Browns organization strive to ensure our loyal fans are heard...  That said, we have heard you.  


Fall practices will be held on Wednesdays.  The times of the practice will be 6p - 7p.  This change will be reflected on the schedule moving forward.  Additionally, we will hold a short warm up on Saturdays before our games begin.  Practices are not mandatory, but are strongly encouraged.  The more familiar your Brown is with the play book and system, the more plays they can participate in.  All Browns will get touches in every game.  


It is also the pleasure of the Browns to introduce you to a new member of our coaching staff, Mark DuBrock.  Coach DuBrock joins the 3/4 Browns after a sucessfull Superbowl season coaching the 1/2 Raiders this past spring.  We are excited to tap into his wealth of Flag Football knowledge.  Welcome, Coach!


More updates to follow on the summer practices as we understand which fields are available to us on each day.  


As always, feel free to reach out with questions or concerns.


Thank you.

The Browns Coaching Staff


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WILTON FLAG: 3/4 Browns
by posted 08/02/2019

Greetings and welcome to the WYF 3/4 Flag Browns!!


It is an honor and privilege to be coaching your kids this flag season.  I and Coach Santosky are very excited for the group of players we have on the Browns this season...  We are equally excited to get started playing some football...


A few things we would like to address upfront...

Fall Practice - The Browns are currently slated to practice on Wednesdays.  One of the ideas Coach Santosky and I wanted to get the parents feedback on was if there was an appetite for an hour and a half practice on Saturdays in advance of our games. The Saturday practice would replace the Wednesday practice, it would not be in addition to it. In my coaching experience, there is often better play retention with a Saturday practice.  Currently, all but one of our games is at 3pm, so practice would start at 1:30pm.


Summer Practice - Ideally we can get in two or three weekday practices in this summer.  Please advise if Thursdays or Friday work better.  We would possibly start these practice the week of 8/12.  These summer practices would be to focus on building fundamentals and to get the team familiar with each other. 


Equipment - Please make sure your Brown has cleats, a mouthguard and plenty of water.  Flags and jerseys will be provided.  For the games, your Brown will need all of the above, and they will also need to ensure that the shorts or pants worn do not have any bright colors or stripes that could blend in with the flags.  Please keep all game gear solid neutral colors.


Your Brown - All kids learn and process information differently, if your Brown has any issues with learning or focus, please let us so we can help ensure they are understanding the plays and having fun.


Schedule - We all live hectic schedules, if you know your Brown is going to miss a practice or game please let us know.


More information to come in the near future.  Please reach out with any questions or concerns.


The Browns loyal fans are often referred to as the "Dawg Pound," as your families are the core of our Browns fan base it is our pleasure to welcome your child to the Browns and to welcome you to the Dawg Pound.


Thank you.

Coach Kaiser and Santosky


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