Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT

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Wilton Youth Football Cheerleading

Guidelines for 2020 Season


Welcome to the WYF 2019 Cheerleading Squads. We are looking forward to a great season with your girls.  Please review the following with your daughters before the season begins so that both cheerleaders and parents are aware of the squad’s expectations and requirements for the season.


Code of Conduct

All cheerleaders represent WYF when they are both on and off the field and should conduct themselves accordingly.

Listen to and show respect for all coaches and assistants during all practices and games.

Your squad members are your teammates, both on and off the field. You are one team.  Listen to, respect, support and work to earn the trust of one another, on and off the field.

Violations of this Code of Conduct may result in suspension from a practice or game.



All cheerleaders are expected to attend their practices and one 15-30 minute warm –up and stretch before each game.  If you are unable to attend a practice, you must let your coach know in advance.

Each cheerleader must report to the coach at the beginning of each practice. Please tell your daughter that she is to stay with her coach during practice, and not to leave or go elsewhere, unless specifically told that she may do so by her coach Cheerleaders are expected to use the bathroom before each practice and game starts.  If she needs to use the bathroom, she should tell her coach

Please arrive promptly at the end of practice to pick up your child, and let her coach know that you are there.

Please provide your coach with your cell phone number, so that they may reach you should the need arise.  If you are going to be more than a few minutes late to pick up your daughter, please call her coach.

Each cheerleader should bring a water bottle only (no snacks or other drinks) to practice, and wear her cheer practice t-shirt or another navy t-shirt, appropriate athletic shorts which may not be rolled more than once and cheer sneakers. Most of our practices will be outdoors, so please be sure that your daughter has a sweatshirt or rain jacket if the weather requires. No jewelry may be worn.

Pom poms are not required at practice unless the coach specifically requests them.

No cell phones may be used during practices, other than for emergencies.

Upon arrival at practices, the girls should put their water bottles and any personal belongings on a blanket to be provided by the coaches (the “Cheer Blanket.”)

As a safety requirement, if a cheerleader misses a Friday practice or the pre-game practice, she will be unable to participate in the stunt portion of her cheer routine at that weekend’s game.



Cheerleaders are required to cheer at the game to which their team is assigned. If your daughter is unable to attend a game, please let her coach know as soon as possible.

Please bring your daughter to her coach 15-30 minutes before each game for the mandatory pre-game practice. The cheerleaders must stay with their coach during the game until they are picked up by you after the game. If your daughter is late for the pre-game practice, she may be unable to participate in the stunt portion of the cheer routine.

Cheerleaders are expected to use the restroom prior to each game. If she needs to use the bathroom, she should tell her coach. Parents are expected to take their child to the bathroom during the games. The coaches are not to leave the squad while a game is in progress.

To the games each cheerleader must bring a water bottle (no snacks or Gatorade please) and wear:

Uniform* (vest & skirt) (we will notify you by e-mail before the games as to whether white turtlenecks will be worn on a given day)
White socks
White sneakers
Pom Poms**
Navy blue bloomers/briefs
Hair Bow***

*Please do not label your uniform as it will be used again next season.  **It’s a good idea to tie a colored ribbon on your pom poms to easily identify them.

***Hair should be pulled back off the cheerleaders face in bow provided.

On cold days, please wear a plain navy blue fleece without a hood (preferably a cheerleading fleece.) In very cold weather, your daughter should wear natural colored tights or navy leggings with no writing. Only navy headbands and gloves are to be worn at games.

No jewelry.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to a great year!!