Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT

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Cheer Uniform Return 2018

Grades K-8


Uniform Return Day for grades K-8 will be held on Tuesday, November 27 from 4-5:30PM at Comstock, in Room 31.  We will be collecting uniforms (vest and skirt) and pom-poms.  Your $150 deposit check will be returned to you after we have received all of those items.  The uniforms MUST be washed and dried before returning them.


If you are unable to attend Uniform Return Day, please make arrangement to get your daughter's uniform and pom-poms to a teammate to hand in, or to your coach BEFORE November 27th.  THIS WILL BE THE ONLY DAY FOR UNIFORM RETURNS! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Michelle Lester at .