Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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Welcome to Wilton Youth Football - Flag Home Page

Our 2019 Fall Season
Has Officially Started!

Flag Football Latest News & Updates:

9/20 = Youth Night a Varsity Football Game 7pm
All players should arrive wearing their Game Jerseys

9/28 = Flag Football Picture Day

2019 Fall Flag Football Registration  

1st/2nd Grade Division 
Registered Players = 57  Registration is Closed - New Players will be placed on waitlist

Saints - Head Coach Capalbo, Asst Gallo, Erickson
Patriots - Head Coach Manberg, Asst Bhandari
Bears - Head Coach Brindley, Asst Tarr

Browns - Head Coach Jacobson, Asst Vega
Chiefs - Head Coach Rudnicki, Asst MacDonald
Giants1 - Head Coach DiDonato, Asst Dinkelacker
Giants2 - Head Coach Poreman, Asst ?

Unassigned Coaches = 1 More Coach Needed

3rd/4th Grade Division 

Registered Players = 61  Registration is Closed - New players will be put on waitlist

Panthers - Head Coach Sgritta, Asst Ennis
Bills - 
Head Coach Young, Asst Sims
Steelers - 
Head Coach Gibbons, Asst Major
Broncos - Head Coach Anastasia, Asst Maxfield
Seahawks - Head Coach Luce, Asst Perna
Falcons - Head Coach Harlacher, Asst Chase
Browns - Head Coach Kaiser, Asst DuBrock

Unassigned Coaches = 1 More Coach needed

5th/6th Grade Division 
Registered Players = 46  Registration is Closed 
- New players will be put on waitlist

5/6 Waitlist = Lam, Gilchrist, Craig, Gray, Albright

Eagles - Head Coach Smith - Asst Cretella
Patriots - Head Coach Jagetic - Asst Katz, Falvo
Seahawks - Head Coach Davi, Asst Jacobson, Boatwalla
Giants - Head Coach Belloli, Asst Travers
Chargers - Head Coach Anastasia, Asst McDonald

Unassigned Asst Coaches = 2 More Coaches needed

7th/8th Grade Division (Will Play vs New Canaan)
Registered Players = 10 Registration is Closed 

Shaw, Kovach, Young, Miller, Wallace, Kaplan, Harlacher, Kammerman, Heffernan, Jones

Dolphins - Head Coach Harlacher, Asst Wallace

Unassigned Asst Coaches = 1 More Coach Needed

9th/12th Grade Division (Will Play vs New Canaan)
Registered Players = 0  Registration is Open

All Girls Division (Will Play vs New Canaan)
Registered Players = 4  Registration is Open
Smith, Hall, Anastasia, Brooks, Craig


  • Our Fall Season for the Co-ed League and the All Girls league will start on September 3rd and ends on Novemeber 16th, which is a 10 week regular season with 10 games scheduled to play.  Our Co-ed and Girls League will be playing Travel games vs New Canaan's Parks & Rec teams this Fall season plus we wil have a 9/10, 11/12 and 13/14 Regional Allstar team that will be invited to Massachusetts for a NFL Flag Regional Tournament.  
  • Our Wilton Flag Football League supports all student athletes that want to play multiple sports.  We will do our best to choose game & practice days & times that fit your childs schedule so they can play 2 or 3 sports with little to no conflicts.  
  • Our Flag Football Website is updated every week and we have created an FAQ page for All Flag Football seasons to help answer any questions you might have.  Stay tuned for more updates, email the Wilton Flag Football Commissioner if you have any questions: