Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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How to put a practice on your team’s schedule

As a general note: before adding any practices to your schedule,  you can check on whether other teams have already scheduled a practice on a given field by clicking on the Master Schedule tab on the website’s home page (left hand column).

  • Click on “Sign In” In the upper right corner on the WYF site. See HOW TO Log In
  • From your team's Schedule Page, find and click on “Add Event”  from under the "Options" drop down box.
  • Be sure to choose from two tabs: Game/Practice or General Event
  • Enter Date and Time.
  • Under Location surf and click on the field that you are playing on. If it is not there, then use “To be determined” field. Later, you can get the field directions and email them to Linda Colgan ( ), she will add that field into the website. COACHES ARE NOT TO ADD FACILITIES!
  • Under Category, you select “practice" (Tackle coaches are not to add GAMES)
  • Under Team, select your team.
  • Under Opponent , leave it blank
  • Hit Submit and you should be all set.

Be sure to go to your schedule and make sure that this practice shows up. If it doesn’t, you have probably entered the wrong grade/team and it is sitting on someone else’s schedule (if you have access to more than your own team). Figure that out and edit the error.

HINT: It is better to "cancel" a practice than it is to "delete" a practice. If you need to "move" a practice to a different time, just adjust the information using the "edit" feature. The email that gets sent to the team will say the practice was moved from:____ to:_____ and will save you from having to send a separate email with an explanation.