Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT

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Change Team: 

Wilton Youth Football Presents:
Youth Night
Friday September 5th, 2018
7:00 PM

Event Plan:

  • 7:00pm: Varsity Game begins
  • 8:00pm:  Anticipated Half Time
    • Coaches Actions/ Requirements:
      1. Head coach or delegate from each team must attend
        • You are responsible for the players and cheerleaders during half-time and should get them on and off the field as directed so that we don’t interrupt the band, high school cheerleaders or players.
      2. Gather your team at the North End Zone (opposite the concessions) one (1) minute before the end of the 1st half
      3. Our Cheer program will have balloons and signs hung for each grade coach
  • Half-time Program overview:
  • High School Cheerleaders perform (2-3 minutes)
  • High School Band performs (10 minutes)
  • WYF Cheerleaders are introduced and line the field, along the hash marks, from the goal line to mid field, providing an alley for players to run through
  • Introductions:
  1. Flag will be introduced first, and will run with their coaches to the mid-field “W”….PLEASE STOP ON THE “W” AT MIDFIELD…AND PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OTHER FOOTBALL PARTICIPANTS WILL JOIN YOU THERE.
  2. Each grade to be introduced by grade, recognizing grades that won an FCFL Championship the prior year.  Each grade will run onto field with coaches, and gather at the “W”.
  3. Special recognition for 8th grade as future members of the 2017 Freshman Class.
  4. All members of WYF to assemble at “W”, facing the Wilton home stands, to provide photo opportunity.
  5. All participants exit out through the north end zone
    -PLEASE make certain no one touches ANYTHING on the Wilton High School sidelines!  We must have the boys and girls off the sideline BEFORE the teams return to the field.
  6. Cheerleaders will remain, on the track, with the High School Cheerleaders to perform a combined cheer.
  7. Players are released back to their parents through the north end zone.
  • Stuff the bus:
    • Please remind your players, cheerleaders and parents about the “Stuff the Bus” campaign for the Wilton Food Pantry.
A school bus will be parked at the end of the stadium access road, closest to Cider Mill.  Please place your donated food items on the bus. The food pantry is asking for non food items (paper goods, personal hygiene, laundry detergent and other personal care items).
  • Please ensure your teams are well aware of this event and encourage them to come. 
  • Again, if you as the head coach cannot attend, your delegate is appreciated.
  • This is a fun event for the kids.