Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT

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Attention Coach

Are you looking to view the players registered in the grade you will be coaching? Pre-Season teams have been set up and you can view (paid) players by using the three drop down boxes under the TEAM tab and navigating to the grade you are looking for. If you have admin access (all head coaches will have admin access), you will also be able to send team emails and view contact information for players.

All Coaches must complete several certification requirements and then register on the WYF website to be assigned to a regular season team. Only "assigned" coaches appear on rosters and have admin access to team pages.

  1. To access the list of requirements/certifications: CLICK HERE. Once you have completed all requirements, save copies of all your documents because you will be uploading them onto the WYF website.
  2. To register on the WYF website: CLICK HERE . You need a a special link to register so go through the CLICK HERE button.

NOTE: If you are a parent of a player or are in the system from prior years of involvement, there is no need to re-enter all your information. Log into your profile using your email address and follow the directions on the prompts for registering/logging in. Please do not duplicate your profile. Please be sure your member information page includes your Date of Birth.

If you no longer have access to your profile because of an email address change or if you are having trouble registering, please contact for help.